Nunchuacku Skills: Preacher is skilled with using both single and twin nunchuachu. Shows with this weapon can be used either as a display Kata or as a choreographed weapons combat show with another performer. L.E.D. Nunchacku can be used to add an extra visual element to the show.

Knife Skills: Apart from training in knife combat Preacher has studied knife manipulation to augment stage shows, Preacher can spin, maniulate and twirl long, short, single and twin-bladed knives. In addition to this Preacher is skilled in the opening skill of the balisong or 'butterfly' knife of the Phillipino islands - over the years an art form has been developed solely around the opening and closing of the knife in increasingly complicated and impressive methods.

Sword Skills: Preacher specialises in a single katana style of sword fighting, however he can fight in multiple styles and can use twin swords and fencing swords. Sword displays can be booked either solo, or with a partner. Preachers sword is an exact replica of the sword of the Daywalker for the recent motion picture 'Blade'.

Staff Skills: Preacher can use both 4-foot and 6-foot staffs to perform kata displays, and in live combat shows with other performers.

Weapons Skills