Avoiding A Real Job

Preachers first comedy sideshow, debuted at the Whitby Gothic Weekend to a packed out audience, and has been in great demand ever since. Starting with a rapid-speach introduction Preacher goes on to explore his life in Ireland, why he left, why exactly he does what he does, and how he has worked so hard to avoid any kind of real job!

The show features audience participation, unique jokes written by Preacher and culminates with the now legendary Lawnmower of Doom stunt where Preacher raffles off bottles of wine to the audience.

One Man, No Hope

This show was originally custom written for The Bizarre Ball and debued in May 2011 to a packed out audience in London. Exploring the difference between men and women, the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh, and how Preacher is still alive - no-one is safe from the barbs of Preachers unique brand of humour - finding the flaws and quirks of everyone, including Preacher himself!

While this show was originaly only 15 minutes long it has been expaned and now has a 30 min version as well

Comedy Show