Preacher has studied a variety of support skills and is highly trained in health and safety (particularly fire safety), first aid, stagecraft, stage management and has an encyclopedic knowledge of insurance regulations, laws relating to performance and performers and health and safety regulations.

Preacher is fully insured through equity and has a spotless track record, with no injuries or mishaps throughout his entire career.

Safety is a paramount concern in any of Preachers shows, he will not perform unless he is certain that all equipment is working, all precautions have been taken and all laws are being adhered to.

Preacher will provide risk assessments, proof of insurance and testimonials to not only his safety but to the quality of his shows for every booking and upon request will give details of all applicable laws and regulations attached to the show, and what he is doing to make sure his show is safe and legal.

Preacher is currently in the process of setting up a voluntary safety guild for UK performers to help promote and educate safety within the industry.