Preacher has a vast array of sideshow skills at his command – from gluing plates to his chest, stapling items to his body, eating lightblubs, climbing ladders made of sharpened sword blades, and using his tongue as an ashtray, Preacher is a versitle perfomer. Some of Preachers more well-known and unique stunts are:

The Blockhead : Preacher hammers a 4 inch roundwire nail up his nose, into his head, then pulls it out and gives it to the audience to prove it's authenticy. Preacher can also perform this stunt using objects such as spoons, meathooks, fireworks, lit cigerettes, coat hangers and even knives!

Skull Drilling: Preacher slides a running drill 4 inches up his nose!Bricks are often drilled live on stage to demonstrate the authenticity and power of the drill.

Skull Floss: Preacher places the tip of  condom up his nose and pulls it out of his mouth - literally flossing his skull. Preacher is also one of the few performers who can do the reverse of this stunt - placing the condom into his mouth and blowing it out of his nose, inflated like a balloon! Preacher also performs variations of this stunt with liquid filled placing a plastic tubing.


Broken Glass Stunts: Preacher smashes beer and wine bottles live on stage and then walks, jumps and even handstands on the shards. Preacher will also lie face down on the stage, whilst another performer places their full weight on his head, crushing his face into the shards of glass beneath.

Bed of Nails : Preacher lies on a bed of 6 inch nails with a concrete patio slab on his stomach. The patio slap is demolished with a single blow from a sledge hammer by another performer. [Please note: For safety reasons this stunt is not available when Preacher is hired solo]

Cavity Smash: Preacher rests a cavity block between his legs, and his partner smashes the block into pieces with a sledgehammer. [Please note: For safety reasons this stunt is not available when Preacher is hired solo]

Shirt of Death: Preacher hangs a shirt on a needle tipped coat hanger, which he pushes the through his tongue, dangling the shirt underneath. Preacher then stands on a bed of broken glass and juggles balls of fire (or UV light) with the shirt still dangling from his tongue!

Preacher also is skilled at Prop Balancing stunts - details of which can be found here

Sideshow Skills