The Suit

A fast paced and extremely tight and simple sideshow, Preacher arrives on stage with nothing but a briefcase and slick italian suit. Opening the briefcase Preacher proceeds to take out a variety of objects and does quite unspeakable things to himself with them.

The whole show culminates when Preacher, after jumping up and down on broken glass, takes an assistant or even a member of the audience on stage to stand on the back of his head while he places his face in broken glass!

Music: "Black Betty" by Spiderbait / "Blood Red Sandman" by Lordi

Mr Crowley

A slow and atmospheric show, Preacher slowly walks on stage seemingly in his own world. After discovering a table on stage filled with masonary equipment and a variety of scary looking objects Preacher hammers nails up his nose and staples playing cards to his body before discovering the infamous bed of nails.

Music: "Mr Crowley" By Ozzy Osbourne (show may require an assistant)


A dark humour sideshow that comes in an 11 and 7 minute version. this shows centres on a masochistic, pedophiliac, canabalistic, mysoganistic, junkie, serial killing clown who is guided by a voice in his head to kill himself on stage to attone for his crimes with various sideshow stunts.

WARNING: This show deals with some extremely tabboo subjects and is very black humour and could easily offend. As such a full script of the show will be provided before contracts are signed, and audience offence shall be deemed the responisability of the hiring party.

Stunts Utilised: Blockhead, Drilling the skull, Body Stapling, Bed of nails smash.

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