Fire Staff: Using his martial arts skills and unique double jointed fingers Preacher spins, manipulates and twirls a 4 foot metal staff with flaming wicks either end around his body with grace and speed. This is sometimes used in fight displays with other performers.

[Standard Props: Fire staff, Jo Staff. Additional Props: Twin Electroglo (glow in the dark) staffs]

Angle Grinder Displays: Preacher uses an angle grinder to produce fountains of sparks from his chest, crotch, hands arms and legs in a blinding musical display. For angle grinding shows Preacher can be hired solo or with a partner. [Notes: A power supply is needed on stage]

Standard Music: Nine Inch Nails [Wish]...Ministry [Stigmata]...Ultraviolence [Psycho Drama]...Faith No More [Mid Life Crisis]...Front 242 [Welcome To Paradise]...System Of A Down [Toxicity]

Prop Balancing: is the art of balancing various objects on the body. Preacher is an expert in this field and can balance sticks, chairs, swords and even running lawnmowers on his chin! Preacher Holds the world record for Balancing a lawnmower on his chin and demonstrates his skills is his infamour Lawnmower of Doom show!

Lawnmover of Doom: Preacher balances a running lawnmower on his chin while members of the audience throw lettuce into the blades! This stunts is hugely popular and is fantastic for crowd involvement. Preacher Currently Hold the Guinness World Record for Balancing a lawnmower on his chin for the longest Period of time

Misc Prop Manipulation

While Preacher has skills in fire staff and Nunchucks in particular he has "Support skills" with the manipulation of other objects such as staffs, knives, swords, juggling and poi. These aren't used as shows themselves but rather used to put some flair into other shows.

Prop Manipulation