Fire Shows

Preacher is first and foremost a fire breathing specialist and has several choreographed shows with a mixture of different styles suitable for all venues. Shows utilise the skills that has earned Preacher more Guinness World Records than any other fire performer such as breaths of fire over 6m in height! Rapid fire eating, the rare and infamously difficult vapour transfers and other techniques only used by a handfull of fire performers in the world.

Preacher also uses unique custome made fire props designed by the innovative engeniers at Burning Nation and his his own design of fire rods which are rapidly becoming the fire rods of choice by many professional performers. Click here for more details.

Side Shows

Nicknamed the King of sideshow and having worked with some of the Masters of the Industry including the legendary Jim Rose, Preacher performs some of the most intense and jaw-dropping sideshow stunts ever performed. Preachers skills even saw him open for Alice Cooper after winning a nationwide competition that involved the very best the Uk has to offer.

Preacher specialises in modern and traditional american sideshow and utilises stunts that are guarenteed to shock and amaze. Click here for more details.

Comedy Shows

A skilled stand-up comedian Preacher bridges the gap between the humour of stand-up comedy and visual awe of extreme sideshow. All shows have unique comedy material written by Preacher and have sold out shows all over the UK.

Preachers favours observational and self-depreciation comedy and Preacher has been lauded for his skilled ad-libs and comebacks. Click here for more details.

Shows Available