Have you ever wanted to know how to breathe fire or throw knives or walk on broken glass? Well now is your chance to not only learn but to learn with one of the most skilled performers in the world.

Preacher has over a decade of teaching a wide variety of fire, sideshow and cabaret skills and has trained some of the top performers in the industry. Performers such as Lydia Darling, Ayesha H, Khandi Kisses, Chrys Columbine, Fifi Fatale and many more have studied under Preacher and gone on to enjoy great success. Celebrates such as Paul O' Grady and pop group McFly have also hired Preacher to increase their skills! Preacher is fully insured to teach and provides all equipment necessary so all you need to do is book a lesson and get started.

In addition to Fire and Sideshow courses Preacher also runs customised courses and also master classes for skilled performers who wish to push the limits of their skills.

In any course you pay to learn the skill, which means UNLIMITED training in the skills of the course so there is no rush, you just keep going as long as it takes and have access to free refresher courses whenever you want.

If that wasn't enough, you can pay for classes by the hour or you can book a course and spread the payments over three months with just a 25% deposit.

Discounts are available for group bookings.

Classes are usually held in London but for bookings over £500 Preacher can travel to you and teach you the skills that have made him world famous and earned him multiple Guinness World Records.

All classes give instuctions on how to do the skills prescribed in the course and all appropiate support skills including:

   Equipment sourcing, construction and management.

   Insurance and legal constraints, and where to get insurance

   Paperwork, what you need and how to write your own.

   Health and Safety Advice.