“More dangerous than Batman piloting a nuclear bomber made out of hand grenades Preacher Muad'dib is a jaw-dropping , fire-breathing, knife-throwing, fast-talking, glass-munching, whip-cracking, record holding alternative performer!”

Nicknamed "The fastest fire-eater on earth", "The most dangerous man alive", "The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse" and "The fastest fire-breather alive" Preacher walks the edge of high octane performance.

Famed for his skills that have earned him a plethora of Guinness World Records and his shows that have seen him perform all over the world and alongside Alice Cooper and Jim Rose as well as many appearances on TV and in film, Preacher continues to break the mold by doing what people say cannot be done!

"Preacher opened for me in 2010...welcome to HIS Nightmare...WOW!" - Alice Cooper

"Preacher Muad'dib is a one man festival" - Jim Rose

Preacher Muad’dib