Fire Skills

Nicknamed 'The fastest fire eater on earth' Preacher holds several world records for both fire eating and fire breathing With 17 years experience Preacher can guarenee a top class act for any event utilising high level fire stunts. Click here for more details.

Sideshow Stunts

Sideshow is the art of doing what cannot be done and Preacher is a specialist in modern and traditional american sideshow. From hammering nails up his nose to walking on broken glass Sideshow masters can do what seems to impossible without any form of injury. Unlike magic there is no trickery involved and Preacher is doing exactly what he seems to be. Click here for more details.

Prop Manipulation

Prop manipulation is the arts of spinning, balancing or otherwise manipulating either ordinary objects such as hats and chairs or custom made tools such as fire staffs, juggling balls, poi, hula hoops etc. Click here for more details.

Weapons Skills

Weapons As a trained martial artist Preacher has had training with various weapons. He has also taught himself to use various others for stage use. Click here for more details on Weapons and Martial Arts.